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Services Overview 


PAI helps organizations address their privacy needs - from program design to maintenance and audit - in a practical manner.   Organizations differ in terms of goals, culture, size, complexity, staffing, applicable legal requirements, and state of privacy program implementation. Because PAI recognizes these differences, our approach to working with each client differs. Rather than "selling" some static one-size-fits-all program, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


Together, the leadership team, with its many years of privacy experience, has dealt with virtually every aspect of the subject. But our resources don’t stop there. We have a network of Certified Information Privacy Professionals and privacy specialists in various subjects, disciplines, and geographic areas that work with PAI on an as-needed basis. This allows us to bring exactly the right resources to bear on your situation without having to charge rates reflective of companies with large permanent staffs.


For your convenience, a quick summary of our services is below.  For more information about a particular service click the title or use the navigation bar.




We have assessment tools and methodologies to review your practices against regulatory and policy rules at various levels of depth.  These tools, in the hands of our experts, make our service a cost-effective alternative to "going it alone".  PAI can help you discover areas of non-compliance and help determine the best alternatives to address them.




Determining when you must comply with the wide variety of cross border transfer restrictions and how best to do so can be a challenging task.   We can help you prepare for the European General Data Privacy Regulation and possible EU-US Privacy Shield by making the appropriate choices and then take off your hands much of the processing burden inherent in cross-border solutions, such as contract preparation and execution, applications for approvals, registrations, safekeeping, and change processing.  That lets you concentrate on business instead of the administrative aspects of privacy matters.




PAI’s team has extensive experience in developing and managing breach avoidance and mitigation programs.  This experience allows us to help you uncover areas that may be putting your company at risk for a data breach incident.  We help you prepare your organization in advance with tools such as table top exercises so should an incident occur you are ready with a practiced plan and processes to respond timely and effectively.




PAI Privacy Educational Services provide flexibility to meet your specific needs.  We can create the content for specific privacy courses or for your complete privacy training program.  PAI incorporates your policies and operational processes into the training materials resulting in courses meaningful to your organization.  The training may be delivered in the manner most beneficial to your organization. When face to face sessions are desired we can make our experts available to meet your privacy training needs.




Whether you are modifying an existing privacy program or starting a new privacy office, following a well-planned, organized, and coordinated strategy helps you manage your resources and save cost. We assist you with expert guidance in your development process from brain storming an appropriate approach to the creation of the necessary implementation steps.  Working with you, we will assist in laying out a comprehensive plan for development and implementation of your organization’s privacy effort.




PAI offers organizations an opportunity to obtain as much or as little assistance as required to get the job done, thereby creating “right” sourcing solutions for organizations.  PAI can provide a completely resourced privacy office, ongoing limited support for an existing privacy function, or one-time supplemental assistance in completing a specific privacy project.  PAI can serve as your outsourced privacy office, advising on privacy developments affecting your organization and addressing issues as they arise, without the need for your organization to add permanent staff.