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"Navigating International Privacy Rules:  Today and Tomorrow" - September 11, 2014 Panel Discussion State Bar of Michigan International Law Section Annual Meeting. 


"Cyber Security and Mobility 'Are we on the edge of a cliff?'" - September 5, 2013 Detroit IAPP KnowledgeNet meeting

Guest Presenter:  Jeff Ingalsbe


"What International Lawyers Need to Know About Global Privacy Regulation" - November 14, 2012 State Bar of Michigan International Lawyers Section Meeting

Presenter: Robert L. Rothman


"Data Privacy Security Data Breach Exercise" - November 13, 2012 Detroit IAPP KnowledgeNet Meeting

Presenter:  Keith A. Cheresko


"Recent Developments in Privacy and Data Security" - October 4, 2012 SecureWorld Expo Detroit

Presenter: Keith A. Cheresko 


"Privacy Breach vs. Security Breach" - June 20,  2012 Great Lakes InfraGard Conference, Securing the Critical Infrastructure 

Presenter: Keith A. Cheresko 


"Draft EU Privacy Regulation" - January 26, 2012 Corporate Privacy Forum

Presenters: Robert L. Rothman and Keith A. Cheresko  


"Recent Privacy Developments"   January 2012 ISACA meeting

Presenters:  Keith A. Cheresko and Robert L. Rothman


"Certifying for the Safe Harbor: The Practical Aspects"- IAPP Privacy Academy 2011 Dallas, Texas

Presenters: Robert L. Rothman (PAI) and Kimberly Bubnes (Global Privacy Director, General Motors Corporation) 

Handouts:  Form of Onward Transfer "Plus" Agreement  and  Objective Verification Framework Chart   


"A Guide to Privacy Law"  - ICLE 3rd Annual Information Technology Law Seminar September 22, 2010   

Presenter: Robert L. Rothman


"Robert Rothman on Standard Clause Contracts and Safe Harbor"  - July, 2010 Nymity Interview


"Red Flag Rules -- How to Tame the Raging Bull"  - June 15, 2010 IAPP KnowledgeNet - Detroit

Presenters:  Keith A. Cheresko (PAI) and Mark Schettenhelm (Compuware) 


Hot Topics: Robert Rothman on the New EU Controller-to-Processor Model Clauses   IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2010 YouTube video interview 


"Contractual Solutions for Cross-Border Data Transfers: Dealing with the Practical Problems"

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2010

Presenters:  Robert L. Rothman (PAI) and Donald A. Cohn (E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company)