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Cross-Border Solutions

Many countries have privacy laws restricting the transfer of personal information.  These laws affect an organization’s ability to transfer personal information to another country.  This is important when dealing with global employee or customer information, as well as in merger and acquisition work, discovery demands, and corporate whistleblower programs.  


PAI can assist you in identifying, your organization’s cross-border data flows and in designing and implementing a global cross-border compliance program to allow information to be regularly shared within your network. PAI can also assist you in determining and implementing the most appropriate legal basis for one-time transfers of personal information between countries.  When requested, we can take off your hands much of the processing burden inherent in cross-border solutions, such as contract preparation and execution, applications for approvals, registrations, safekeeping, and change processing. 



PAI’s cross border services include work in the areas of:


EU General Data Protection Regulation preparations



EU - US Privacy Shield certification preparations


Contractual solutions (e.g. EU Standard Contractual Clauses, Onward Transfer Agreements)

Binding Corporate Rules

Global consent forms


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